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Fox Racing Developments alternator kits are a simple and easy solution to today's requirement for cars competing in longer races where a method of charging the battery is necessary because of the addition of lights and extra electrical equipment.

The kits are primarily designed to fit the Hewland range of transaxle gearboxes.

This includes: FT200, FG Range, DG300, LG500/600.

We have also produced kits for other Hewland gearboxes, so please enquire.

The kits are designed to fit to the rear of the gearbox by removing the rear cover and simply bolting on the new kit - no modification to the gearbox is required.

The kits are available with different alternator options:


Various outputs

Single wire, self-energising units

Fully wired for integration into the car's system with warning light etc.



Alternator kits

Hewland FT200 alternator kit 

As fitted to a Lola T210

Hewland LG500/600 alternator kit 

as fitted to a Lola T70 Mk3b

Custom alternator kit fitted to a Rolls Royce. The drive was taken from the prop shaft so an intermediate shaft was designed to gear up the alternator and so increase the output.

Hewland HD5 alternator kit

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