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Fox Racing Developments are, in conjunction with Broadley Automotive, able to produce a new version of any Lola model. 

In 2013 Fox Racing Developments formed a company, Broadley Automotive with the founder of the original Lola Cars company, Eric Broadley OBE. Sadly, Eric passed away last year but not before he oversaw the creation of one of his most iconic models, the Lola T76 Mk3b and other models in the development stage. His input ensured that the finished items would be exactly as he had designed it in period and that the quality was to his very exacting standard of which we are very proud. 

All of the Broadley Automotive re-creations are produced by Fox Racing Developments with the continued support of the Broadley name and his family who are still actively and enthusiastically involved with the Broadley Automotive company and the production of many of the previous Lola models during the Broadley ownership of Lola Cars.


In addition to its unique connection to Eric Broadley and his family Fox Racing Developments (unlike many of the other companies who make Lola continuation models) are able to utilise their vast stock of original Lola factory parts.  A large percentage of the reproduction will be made from genuine Lola parts produced in the actual period which were purchased from the Lola factory.

As well as the use of the original Lola parts in the construction, the personnel engaged in the manufacture are all long service ex-Lola factory fabricators and engineers. These factors all contribute to making the finished product as close to an original period Lola as is possible and contribute to adding that all important authenticity and credibility to the finished product. 

Please see the link to the dedicated Broadley automotive web site.

Continuation Cars

Two cars were sold to a private team who achieved great success winning the 1000 Km race at Donington 3 times in succession, as 

well as outright wins in FIA Masters races along with many podium places.

A re-creation of the Mark Donahue Daytona winning T70 Mk3b was created for another customer who finished second in their first visit to the Daytona Classic 24 hour. The next year it won at Sebring and two years later won the Daytona Classic 24 hour event overall.

Another re-creation of a period car was produced for a customer. The car is raced in the Master FIA series and presented in the Archambeaud team livery. One of the most striking liveries so far.

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