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Fabricated parts and chassis

Fox Racing Developments specialise in the fabrication of parts for Lola Cars during the Broadley owned period of Lola.

FRD, with their unique relationship with the factory had unprecedented access to the Lola Factory resources which included factory drawings and records. With the purchase of all the obsolete stock of parts they were also given the original jigs and patterns in order that FRD could service the owners of Lola historic cars effectively.

This relationship with the Lola factory continued until the Lola factory was put into receivership in the late 90's.

Under the new ownership of Lola Cars (Lola Cars International) FRD were employed to set up and administer the newly formed Lola Heritage.

More recently a new company (Broadley Automotive) was formed with Eric Broadley and his family to produce parts and re-creation cars. This renewing of a previously successful relationship, position FRD as the most authentic option for the supply of period correct replacement parts for your valuable Lola race car.

Please see a selection of our vast stock of Lola replacement parts.

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